August 20, 2015 - rick

Presidential Candidate Memes du Jour – Part One

A few of the President/Presidential Candidate memes wandering around the Internet:

Democrats positions Hillary and President Obama

Democrats positions Hillary and President Obama

Hillary and Planned Parenthood

Hillary and Planned Parenthood

Donald Trump hot air?

Donald Trump hot air?

Hillary's Accomplishments

Hillary’s Accomplishments



Ted Cruz Presidential Candidate - Votes No on Bills

Ted Cruz Reads Bills Unlike Nancy Pelosi?

hillary clinton mishandles classified material?

Double Standard on Classified Material Mismanagement for Hillary Clinton?

hillary clinton secretly exposed classified material?

Hillary Clinton – Did She Secretly Expose Classified Material And Get Away With it?

donald trump illegal alien children

Donald Trump – Should illegal alien’s children not get citizenship?

No Jeb Bush for President?

Not another Bush? no Jeb Bush for President?

presidential dream team

Apparently Somebody’s Dream Team for US President and Staff


Should Donald Trump be Fired for running for president

Should NBC Fire Donald Trump?



Hillary Clinton on Wiping the Server


Senator Graham accusing Donald Trump of Killing the Party


A President Obama Bonus Meme Nuclear Deal with Iran


























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